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GRRRRRRRRRR Apr 13, 2021
Ramadan Kareem to everyone who cares. Kullu aamin wa antum bi khair!

Alhamdulillah I am not HIS mathab!

So I don't have to be manipulated and told what to decide in my own life.
Whoever tries to manipulate with religion is not my mathab!!

I am the sinner. And like to stay like that. I never want to be an angel.

And as a sinner I am telling you; hands off of my religion!

Thanks God that in Islam there is no intermediary between us and God.
Unlike the priests in Christianity our religious leaders would never forgive us any sin!

God sent us all to this Earth and gave us choice to choose however we want to live. But some people would love to make choice for everyone else!
And those 'some people' are not a few individuals but all kinds of sociopaths on different levels of society. God protects us all.

How makes me angry when somebody else tries to decide for me what is my sin or not.

Astagfirullah al Aziim. Ufffff....ana saima....sabr salamat!

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