Eid Mubarek Ya Ayyuhal Jahiloon!

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Eid Mubarek ya ayyuhal Jahiloon! 28 days ago
Assalamu alaykum!

Arab (female) society is deeply ignorant, ignoramuses par excellence!

Today at Eid prayer it was the last straw.

Do anyone teach Arab females anything regarding religion and fikh?

Mosque is a holy place and should be treated like that. Anyone who comes shall enter it with consciousness that it is a God's House and behave appropriately.

But not the Arab women!!! NO, NO, NO....for them is a trip opportunity, talk-show, meeting point, discussion club, fame hall....and God knows what else.

This Ramadan I stopped to go to taraweeh prayer. I decided to pray in a peace of my own home, alone, undisturbed, focused...once again UNDISTURBED etc.

Woman are constantly talking in masjid. From the time they enter the prayer hall they start chatting, kissing loudly, calling other females in the tenth raw, laughing, asking each other questions....

And does not matter for them that Imam called for prayer, for formation of raws and starts prayer with Takbir. For most of them nothing is more important than their talk.

Iftitah Takbir (Starting Takbir) in prayer means all dunya and affairs are to be left behind, all worries to stop, all matters to be left to Allah, as He is The Biggest, The Greatest. It is His time. It is time to talk to Him and listen His messages to us through His Qur'an.

Today I came early to the masjid to secure my place. I sat in a second raw near the wall; fist in the raw from the right side. It was about 20 minutes until prayer and all the time we were reciting Takbirs. As women were arriving noice of their talk was louder. They started pushing me from behind and from left side, walking between raws, talking in a high pitched voice. I swear one came near me all smelly, obviously not taking the shower this morning. Her trip to the masjid produced additional sweat and there I was closing my nose with hijab.

But I endured with no complaints, no words, reciting takbirs and waiting for prayer. One woman kept walking between raws, talking with everyone, as if she is a host there, kissing loudly most of coming women, laughing with them, giving them sweets...and when the imam called for prayer and everyone stood to pray she was left with no place. As she was in front of a second raw she came to my end and pushed me out of my place to the hallow in the wall, where I could only stand but not make ruku' or sajdah. There was no place there for prayer, only maybe to leave bag or phone when you are praying. So as she took my place, I remained calm and just decided that I will do whatever I can to do my prayer. And what I could do was only to make ruku' to the left (instead to the front in Qiblah direction) and so I did with sajdah (prostration). And when we finished prayer (thanks God it was not Taraweeh) woman said AFWAN to me. I just nodded. OK, no big deal as I know the ayah:

"And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah . Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing." (Qur'an; 2:115)

But that was a big deal for ignorant Arab women to comment after prayer about my only way to pray...What was that! That was not even towards Qiblah, What is that kind of prayer...
I just ignored them and focused on waiting for khutbah....but 99% of women stood, started kissing, celebrating, congratulating Eid to each other, laughing, sharing sweets....They were so dedicated to override the speakers in order to hear each other. At one point I could not hear the speech from the speaker even thou it was over my head. I was about to cry.
But there was no help. After khutbah it came time for Du3a...and even then women did not stop talking at least to say Amen to the prayer of imam.

Why nobody tells females not to talk during khutbah?! The prayer is not complete without khutbah and that it is a big sin to talk during khutbah. You can't even say others to stop talking....
Jumu3a or Eid prayer are not complete without khutbah. So why these women came to masjid for??

Only a few woman behave properly. They are usually young females with niqab. They have knowledge I guess or adab or they just know how to behave. Majority of Arab women have no idea what is fard, what is sunnah, what is Ahlaq and Adab regarding to masjid, prayer and islam in general.

I was wondering for years why Arab males isolate females in masjid. Why they build walls between them, with no windows, while Bosnians, Turks, Malaysians etc. have open spaces for males and females, they can hear each other, see each other etc. Now I know why!

If it were up to me now I would not let Arab women to enter Masjid without special approval of Qur'an and Sunnah authorities after they finish some of Shariah courses! Not before that.

Imagine a torture of a high sensitive person who has to endure noise and high pitched voices who compete with speakers, and pushing, smellings and stealing of place.

Mohammed s.w.s. forbid ANYONE to raise anyone from the gathering in order to take his place, no matter who the newcomer is. And yet woman pushes another to take her prayer spot. Allah Muste3an.

And this is the fault of Imams the most! Imam could hear women talking during taraweeh, as in our masjid it is only glass wall between male and female section, but yet he never tell them anything! He does not care!!

He prays his prayer and go home. I asked my son did Imam notice his absence from fajr one day. My son told me that Imam does not care and never ask anyone anything. I was surprised and asked him does he ask you for your name or anything. He said never. Imam just comes, prays and goes.

And then I compare him with my childhood imam who asked me when I was 10, why I did not come for fajr that morning!!! My imam noticed if one girl did not come for fajr! In my country Islam is different. Masjid is a point of learning for children, youth, adult females and adult males about Islam, Ahlaq, Fiqh, Arabic, Qur'an, practical ruqns of prayers, fasting, zakat, hajj, umrah...anything!
There are sections for marriage, consultations, for trips if you want to go with females or males to the nature, for islamic movies watching in masjid with imam, for sport tournaments, for nasheeds.....for everything!!!!

Islamic Arab world is in a big Jahl today. Their people speak Arabic but read no Qur'an to understand it, except a few. They read no Hadith to follow, they do not talk to females how to behave in masjid. Maybe kids have religion subject at school and that is all. Majority of population is just Muslim by tradition. Islam is on hold.

Islamic knowledge does not matter, islamic behaviour does not matter, religious ceremonies are folk-shows...even Imams does not know how many orphans they have in their jama3at, how many widows (LOL), are there any poor people in masjid's neighbourhood, any sick people to visit, anyone to guide...

Imams have their secured jobs and they are Imams in prayer only (mostly starting from first ruqu' not before that). They are not imams in society. What is that! Their world starts and finish in masjid, except if they are TV stars, then they talk outside masjid too.

I ask all Imams to turn their khutbah about behaviour in the masjid, and repeat it until all jam3at learn and know it well in practice. What is point of making du3as for this and that sheikh if there is no one to sincerely say Amin! First teach them to say amin with khoshoo' when du3a is recited and not to talk during sermon!

Females are sinking into jahl, please somebody from authorities do something. Masjid hall for females shall not be mad houses but peaceful places of worship for devoted Muslim women, pious seekers of God's forgiveness and guidance.

If I were normal I would got crazy in UAE by now. But alhamdulillah I came here already damaged so I can have resilience to endure anything. But sometimes it is just too much to hold, I have to yell and to complain....Ignorance, and especially religious ignorance by Arabs goes on my nerves!

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