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Scam Warning Aug 22, 2009
Stay away from these companies :



first one is a complete scam, I paid money and got absolutely nothing in return.

the second one is also a scam, they haven't changed their job listings since 2 years.

teleportmyjob(dot)com has started another scam, forgot the name, but they will redirect you to their first site.

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Aug 22, 2009
Never pay any money to any recuirters or anyone you have only met on the internet. Blanket rule
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Aug 29, 2009
I have had the same trouble with UAE Staffing, they let me apply for 'free' to a position they had advertised and then sent me this email;

My name is Henry Larrs and I will be your personal account manager from here on, We have just completed the review of your resume for the position appliedYou have been short listed for the position: Marketing Assistant The next stage would be the final reviews and interviews with employers. Your resume will also be matched and applied to all jobs that fit your employment criteria until you accept a position
Your resume is currently pending. You would now be required to submit the admin payment of $80.00USD to use our service, which is paid once and covers all applications. The payment can be submitted online through our website once your payment is received, your applications are then matched to all selected positions and applied directly to related employers for the final reviews and selection
The payment is submitted once and covers all applications until you accept a position
A file number and password will be sent to you via your email, so you may access your own online account. You can use your file number to track your progress and receive notifications of matched jobs that we apply for you
This payment can be made online ( click on payments on the website you can also submit the payment by draft, please make payable to: UAE Staffing Ltd. Our address is: UAE Staffing Ltd, 2nd floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY
Please notify us once you have made the payment, all payments should be received within 10 business days, if there is a delay, please let us know as we have to setup your account, username and password

This to me sounded a bit fishy, as my friend works in recruitment and you should NEVER have to pay up front so I emailed them the following;
I applied for a position on your website which I was very interested in. I have just received an email asking for an admin fee of $80.00 which to me seams very expensive for you just to pass my details to an employer. How do you justify such a high administration fee and what exactly do I get for my money and why, if you are an English based company do you ask for payment in dollars?

I would also like to point out that it is very unfair for you to state that I have been shortlisted and have the potential to get an interview for a dream job, in a dream country, when, its all just an unfair marketing ploy. When I applied for the position it stated that I could apply for free.

So before I send a penny, I would like to see evidence that there is a job and that I have been shortlisted by the company for an interview, this I feel is very fair and avoids any misunderstandings.

I am currently setting up a chat page online, which will follow my move from the UK to Dubai and want to share my experiences with companies like yourself and other organisations that offer services similar to yours.

Please get back to me promptly
They did get back to me with this short very curt message:
1) that is the fee to ( use ) this service

2) the website ( never ever ) stated that it is free

3) we are very clear, on the ( SERVICE ) page of the website, that this is a paid to use service

4) it is simple, you want to use, you pay to use

Joe Moss
I’d stay away its fishy and you should never pay anything up front for recuritment especially when its advertised a free.

If anyone has any contact for seeking employment in Dubai please reply on this thread, as so far I have come across con artists, which are slowly putting me off.
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Aug 29, 2009
Here is more correspondence related to my pervious post concluding that the company is just a joke;

Dear Joe,

I'm going to leave it, I have been in contact with many other agencies that
have not asked to pay anything up front these seem reputable, unlike

If you do some very basic research on your company you will find that you
have been outed! Which if your email is anything to go by your public
relations are seriously lacking which I guess by the numerous forums
suggesting your company is a scam are right.

Thank you for not answering my questions you have proven these forums right,
I do not wish to waste my money.

they then replied this

what this has proven is that some people do not like to pay their way

they expect freeness where ever they go


What a vile company!! Stay away!
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Sep 05, 2009
As per the UAE labour law it is illegal to charge any fees from candidate and reputed recruitment agencies get paid from the employer not from the employees
Updated list of Recruitment Agencies in UAE- June 2009 Updated list of Recruitment agencies in UAE- June 2009
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Sep 24, 2009
Thanks for the info. It will help others
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I got scammed by teleportmyjob Oct 05, 2009
Yes, it's true, I was taken in by it. Let me tell you my story ...

I thought it would be a good idea to have TeleportMyJob searching for job vacancies in UAE for me so I paid up and was pleased to receive an email confirmation which explained that the process started with a consultation over the phone. They would call me to ask me about my experience and what sort of job I was looking for. All sounded good. And I was called very promptly - but I was unable to speak at the time so we agreed that the agent would call back the next morning. That didn't happen. Then I had a couple of voicemails left over the next few weeks. I couldn't understand the message left each time and certainly couldn't get the number they left (the message was too quick, they did not repeat the number and it was difficult to understand the foreign accent). So I asked them by email to cancel my order and refund me the money I had paid to date. They then said they had done their job and had sent me 114 vacancies which were waiting for me to review; they said they had done their job and therefore would not refund me. I said I thought it was rather strange that they could find vacancies for me when they didn't even know what job I was looking for as we had never had the introductory consultation. They agreed to stop my service but have continually refused to refund me.

TeleportMyJob is a complete con. Do not pay them any money. They just take your money and throw any job vacancies at you and claim they are doing a targeted proactive search. You are much better off just looking yourself.

I've browsed the web since this happened to me and have found lots and lots of comments about this being a scam. I wish I had done this research before signing up to them!
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undefined Apr 02, 2014
Damn, i just receive a phone call from

I think it could be SCAM as common sense no one would spend so much fking time to teach you how to write a proper resume on phone....

From my aknowledgement, i search on the internet shortly afterward. Bang, i click onto this side and realize the scam.
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undefined Apr 18, 2014
Three and half months ago I got call from Indian lady said that about JOBS in DUBAI (dubai's largest recruitment service) and having offices in DUBAI, CANADA AND INDIA. I got motivated and paid Canadian $92, she told me this is refundable fund if you wouldn't get job within 6 months. Initially, there were jobs onto that site where I applied ( but neither I got any call nor the website personnel approached me. They are silent and again sending me emails regarding this website on my other account......I don't know what to say..........SCAM. BE CAREFUL FROM THESE NINCOMPOOPS
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undefined May 14, 2014
0566313672...if there is this number and they ask to come for an interview...pls dont go....they are frauds..bastards..they will ask for money to help you and will say u gonna get a call from a company with in one nevr gonna happen...
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Re: Scam Warning May 17, 2014
Jobs in, omg i am there.
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undefined May 21, 2014
damn! i'm in now, it's said that my questionnare are being looked by 196 employers
and until now, i'm still in trial session
so, i think this post really a big help! thank you...
(i'm very grateful because i know now that this site is scam before i transfer the money, but in the same time feel dissappointed because i really want to get a job in dubai..)
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undefined Jun 17, 2014
This is daytime theft. I fell for this company because of the money
back policy only after not getting a job I asked for a refund and this is what I

The Gold Membership account does not have an option for a refund

and we can not convert you back to a regular member. When you

converted your profile to a gold membership account, the statement in

the box did state that you agree that we will not issue you a

refund. Please refer to the following link

This is what their website says before
you sign up.

How does Jobs in Dubai refund the $92 CAD to its clients?

You can only have the processing fee refunded after 6 months / 180 days after
being registered with Jobs in Dubai and have not been able to secure employment
through us. You have to click on the "refund" button on the website
and complete the refund form. Payments will be mailed out to your given address
which can take from 6 to 8 weeks to process after receiving the refund request
or alternatively credited back to the credit card initially used to make the
payment. Please note that this service does not take into account currency
fluctuations as we refund exactly the amount paid at time of registration. How
does Jobs in Dubai refund the $92 CAD to its clients?

The site is just a scam and there are no jobs at
all. Why should I pay to enlist on a
website. You pay to get a job.
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Re: Scam Warning Jun 19, 2014
I am shocked at what such companies are doing. Trying to make money from job seekers and taking advantage of their desperation!

I myself run a company that provides various services including CV and cover letter writing. Along with the CV writing service, we also provide a personalized CV distribution service. This service is provided absolutely free to our CV and cover letter service clients. The reason we do not charge for the CV distribution service is because it is not 100% guaranteed that a client will get a job.

Our personalized CV distribution service has a high rate of success because each CV is sent to jobs that fit the applicant's profile. Furthermore, we only send CVs to companies with recent job vacancies. Clients have reported to get calls from legitimate companies within days.

Our mission is to provide quality and value. We value corporate philanthropy over monetary profits. We also prize customer satisfaction.

Radeya Professional Services
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undefined Dec 16, 2014
Stay away from staffinuae and gulfrecruiter as well.
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