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Apr 09, 2007
:?: Hi I am an Australian Builder Looking for employment in the Building boom U.A.E. can anyone help me with links. :D

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IT Jobs Dubai May 05, 2007
This is another site with Dubai jobs
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Jun 17, 2007
More Dubai Recruitment Agencies information.
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list Jul 29, 2007
How about a list of recommended recruitment firms. Who gives licences to recruiters in Dubai?
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Aug 30, 2007
jobs_poster -

do you know any firms that hire USbased individuals? I know there are a lot out there that dont. And frankly, I dont want to waste their time.
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Sep 08, 2007

where can we find electrician jobs?? Any help/assistance will be appreciated!

try to find electrician jobs in Dubai
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Seeking opportunities for university educated spouse Sep 11, 2007
I am moving to Dubai in several weeks with my company. Have been looking for opportunities for my wife. She has a finance degree from Peking University, China's top university, and two years experience with a european firm's management leadership program.

Looking for opportunities in the Finance/Banking sector or Shipping/Logistics. Appreciate any guidance towards reputable recruiting firms that handle these industries.
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