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UAE Partner required Aug 11, 2014
Dear all

I require a Emirate Business Partner.
Return on investment minimum of AED 1 mil per month possible........max AED 4 mil.
Initial and only capital outlay approx AED1 mil.
Am willing to accept partnership of 51/49 in favor of Emirate.
Also after 5 years my share can be bought for the equivalent of 6 months net profit.

I will do all the work, will set up and manage the company for a salary.
Profits can be split accordingly as profits are declared.

Only requirement is of course finance, and some influential connections.
Government connections will be of great help.
It is a very viable idea, with patent right, copy right and trade mark already registered.
This will not only be the first of its kind in the UAE but will be the first of its kind in the world.
Once complete and working this process can be used in other countries too.
It also directly related to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumHis vision of Dubai becoming the world's first fully online government.

Kindly contact me and I will come and do a presentation for you.
If privacy is an issue please give me your details and I will send all the info to you.

Please note a Confidentiality Agreement will need to be signed before any information will be released.

with kind regards

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Re: UAE Partner Required Aug 12, 2014
hi Michael

what would be required for a loan of AED 1 000 000
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