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Real Estate Dec 16, 2011
Hi, I am from S.E.Asia but lived in USA. Unfortunately I could not find a job. I hope to a real-estate that I can rent out. If I have a job here, I would not have any problem to make a loan in my home country but I do not.
So the reason I need someone to give me a special chance. The home will be rented immediately and about 80% of the income will be used to pay the housing loan. Loan of about US$200,000 (depending on the choice of home) and payment of not less than US$1000 a month to be paid in 15 years. Do anyone know of RIBA-FREE loan that can take my case? Please help.

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Re: Real Estate Sep 26, 2013
If you are interested in debt funding contact us thomasinvestmentholdings/at/outlook/dot/com
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