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investor wants to invest May 29, 2013
my investor want to invest in real business he is ready to invest up to 1 million if any want investor call me

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Re: Investor Wants To Invest Jun 07, 2013
naeembaloch52 ,

Dear Sir,

I have a project to produce abrasive segments to polish marble which has a very good market in Iran. I have produced different kinds of it before and recently I have developed a very high quality final polisher called 5-Extra which has only two real compatitor in the world.

I want to produce it in UAE.

It will be my pleasure to introduce this project with more details.

Best regards,

Omid Tahernia
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Re: Investor Wants To Invest Jun 08, 2013
Hello sir,

Please check here: investors-needed/investors-needed-for-unique-fashion-brand-for-arabic-youth-t56695.html
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Re: investor wants to invest Jun 10, 2013
which type of project you are looking for ?
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Re: Investor Wants To Invest Jul 14, 2013
Hello Mr ....

we called on the number you hve given 0553096446 and spoke to the person , the perosn there says dont know any thing about it and says wrong number if you are genuine call us +971 4 2711008
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Re: investor wants to invest Jul 24, 2013
we are into fish farming in Ghana. It is a very reasonable business with a 100% annual returns on investment. If you can invest for a 60% profit per annum.

Preferably looking for Western Investors or Ghanaians with BIG Picture in Mind and ready to invest up to $5,000 minimum for next 6-12 months and start taking returns on their investment back from the 6th or 12th onwards (i.e., take total investment back in one and half to two years’ time if desired).

Get 60% interest in 12 months time. It is compounded if invested more than one year. For example $10,000 invested will become $16,000 in first year, $25600 in 2nd year and 40,960 in the 3rd year.
Now you see this is a better way to invest. Come to Ghana to see our farms and invest with me to produce enough for export.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail.
Your quick response would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Let me read from you soon.
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