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Gambling Company Not started yet Mar 05, 2012
Well hello im from sweden im 23 years old im a calm guy who has the biggest idea ever and yeah. Im going to seek out investors here in Dubai for one reason only thay are intrested in erning money. And thay have money. For the second reason thay are probbly more friendly thinking. So yeah MY idea? Youfigure as from 2012 over 800.000.000 milion people world wide will have internet on thier phones. From today is the nummer such as 60.000.000 milion The grow are insane as internet users on Computesr around the world around So simply i think pretty Clear and simple and look on Does thing what the world have and What people love . The people who have money love to spend it The one who dosnt have it love to ern or win it. Everyone love gamble right. So i just came up with a New Uniqe GAMBLING system and it will dominate over poker and horeses and such things people are gambling on today. There will be a revolution on this game And once we will become as big as google or microsoft in the gambling world i will laught on everyone who tought it was not possible. well investors that read this To GET you gotta give If you alredy have milions and have 100.000 usd or even 50.000 usd to throw away on my idea just email me and i will Explain it and if you decide to join me You will BE my partner and get a big share. As i said THis idea is not out on the market And it will explode for does who are intressted can contact me at my personal mail or enilorac.akerman@gmail im patrick åkerman live in sweden 23 yeras old and Dont Forget there is no limit how far u can reach take care ps sorry for my english.

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