Dubai's First EURO / Filipino Restaurant-Chain Start-Up

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Dubai's first EURO / Filipino Restaurant-Chain Start-Up May 28, 2016
Dubai's first Euro/Filipino Restaurant-Chain Start-Up is about to open its doors.
This is a unique combination & we have tested the concept with success.

After completing our 2 years planning phase,
we have prepared everything to start operations immediately & maximized our potential for major success.

If you are looking for a passionate team, a customer-oriented business with the goal to fulfill
the need of qualitative food for an affordable price,
then don't stop reading because your search is about to come to an end.

A total of 30% in shares of our company, can currently be acquired.

Company Overview:
• Cuisine: European & Filipino
• Nationality: CEO (Austrian) & Restaurant Manager (Philippines)
• Service: Delivery Service / Dine-In Restaurant / Catering
• License: Restaurant
• The Concept: Family Recipes from Europe & the Philippines
• Our Mission: We want to let our customers experience qualitative & affordable dishes, who are not able to cook at home every day.
• Our Vision: We will have more than 10 branches in the UAE in 5 years.
• Operating hours per day: 12 hours

Our Values:
• Planning Phase completed (2 years)
• Menu & Logo Design as well as Recipes has been completed.
• Previous Customer Base of 100 regular customers.
• Large Network in the UAE (20 years)
• Business-Plan with focus on financials and profitability (30% The Idea & Company; 70% Financials)
• High focus on Automation, in order to open new branches as soon as possible.
• The restaurant will be acquired with the trade license and we will be able to operate immediately.
• The desired restaurant has already been selected & we are in negations.
• We have Experience in Accounting, Sales, Marketing & Hospitality Sector.
Quick Forecast 1st Year:
• Projected Break-Even Point reached after 6 months
• Projected Monthly Fixed Cost 40.000 AED

• Low Start-Up Expenses
• 90%-95% of the Start-Up Cost will be Assets (Cash / Restaurant / Various Deposits)

The Deal:
• 10% … 100.000 AED, 30% … 300.000 AED
• Projected Return on Investment in 24 months
• Future potential earnings of 300k per annum for your investment.
• Deal may vary based on experience & value a shareholder is adding to the company

Call us today or send a message through Whatsapp, to set-up an appointment to discuss this opportunity in-depth.

Tel.: 050 / 6188 572

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