A Dotcom Venture Looking For Serious Partners

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A dotcom venture looking for Serious partners Apr 13, 2015
Industry: Online/Dotcom
Stream: E-Business

I am the Project owner of the above website and based in Dubai for the past 12 years. Have been living in the UAE for over 9 years and 3 years in the Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Me and my team of 5 members have invested 18 months of Full-time Research, Market Analysis, Competition, Web Development and Marketing Strategies for this project. After a number of website design/functionality testings and restructuring, we launched a Final version of our website on December 9, 2014.

Each and every step was conducted in Dubai, under a registered office and a valid Business License (DED).

Amount invested till date: AED 0.9 M (USD 250,000)

The above investments include Staff salary, Office Rentals & Utilities, Government Licenses, Software & license Purchases, Computers, Office furnitures, Audi A4 with Company Branding, Online Marketing tools and Website Registrations. All these are currently in use.

Minimum investment required: AED 1.3 M (USD 330,000)
Max investment: AED 1.7 M (USD 440,000)

As on 13 April 2015, our Project is a fully fledged running business with complete facilities, strategies and projections. The reason I am looking for a Investor is to target the projected goals at a faster pace with the help of financial aid. The expected amount will be invested over a period of 1 year majorly towards Staffing and Marketing. A fraction of it will be used towards the rentals for additional office & utilities.

The expected Returns and profits are recorded very carefully and precisely based on the current market. The same can be verified from your end directly. We have spend months of studies on our project sacrificing our time and a healthy amount of investments as well. Since we knew, it is all worth it. Figures as follows:

Expected returns within 1 year: AED 46.4 M (USD 12.6 M)
Safest expectations: AED 27.8 M (50 Now a drop - USD 6.3 M)

All above figures can be learnt by yourself too, however, I’d prefer to first meet or have a conversation and then proceed wo talking further information. Since this is my project too, I would want a safe partnership for the future and always.

Email me with your details and questions: bw.raymen@gmail.com

Phone numbers, Office address and Business website details will be shared via email.

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