Yamaha Explorer Electronic Drumset For Sale!

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Yamaha Explorer electronic drumset for sale! Apr 28, 2009
Complete Five Piece Electonic Drum Kit
The DTXPL has a snare pad, three tom pads, a kick pad, hi hat and two cymbal pads. The kit even includes a bass drum pedal.
32 Factory Kits, 10 User Kts, 214 Voices
The 32 factory programmed kits give you a wide variety of kits that can be used in almost any musical situation. The 10 user kits allow you to build custom kits using any of the 214 voices for your particular needs as a musician.
get back in time with the click.
Includes a Bass Drum Pedal
The DTXPL comes complete with an FP-6210 strap drive pedal so you don't have to purchase a pedal separately.
[color=green]only 1 month use! i have to sell it due to lack of space! only dhs 3600!
[/color] :shock:

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Response for Electonic Drum Kit Oct 18, 2009
Hi Naranjas,

Do you currently have the drumkit for sale.
Is yes please respond or call me on Mob 0508837874.

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