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windows Tablet PC for sale Jun 19, 2011
A new windows tablet pc which weighs only 2.1 pounds available now in UAE.

Intel® Atom™ Z670 processor (1.5 Ghz)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
1GB 800MHz DDR2 (2GB option) (not upgradeable after purchase)
30GB Solid State Drive (SSD) (62GB option)

Key Features and Options:
- Highly sealed, chemical resistant chassis
- Rugged design - MIL-STD-810G and IP52 tested
- Optional Mobile Broadband powered by Gobi™ connectivity
- Integrated digital cameras
(3.0 MP Rear Camera and 1.3 MP Front Web Camera)
- 10.1” Wide Display (LED BL, 1366x768) with Gorilla® Glass
- Touch and pen input
- Integrated Bluetooth® 3.0 module
- SD Card Slot, USB, Audio in/out, Video out, Dock connector
- One-year warranty (with three-year option)
- Optional Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
- Optional Computrace security and anti-theft software
- Software
- Section 508 Compliant

Starting price 3,500.00 Dhs. Please note that this tablet pc is not an ordinary consumer item! This is a rugged item with IP52 rating. For those who are not familiary with IP52 I recommend you visit

If you are a student, engineer, construction worker, doctor, nurse, sales and marketting executive or anyone who is mobile most of the time, this device is for you. Yes you can buy an IPAD or other windows/android tablets, what happens if by mistake you drop your ipad? Or you are working in a tough environment and an accident occurs? So think before you buy!

Different applications are available as well.. Drop a post and I will reply back!

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Re: Windows Tablet PC For Sale Jun 20, 2011
Dear MotionComputing ,
Will you like to tell me the procedure to visit above mentioned source in order to make deal with them?
i am curious to know about it.
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Re: windows Tablet PC for sale Jun 20, 2011
Mehran, if you are based in UK than unfortunately they already have distributors there but I am sure they can work with you if you have any project in hand. If you are in Dubai or MIddle East, I can help you as well. Is it for yourself or are you looking to re-sell it? Where do you plan on using them?
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