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Elite Expert Advisor (EEA)
1. Who is ESA Trader Team?

ESA Trader is a platform for an experienced group of traders whom are committed in providing effective education and training to serious individuals who want to earn serious cash in FOREX Trading.

2. What is Elite Expert Advisor (EEA)

FOREX Trading is a high risk investment. The EEA is an Automated Trading system developed by ESA Trader team to eliminate any possible mistakes and weaknesses of human trade. The team had conducted countless reliability tests in order to ensure the EEA is able to perform stable, realistic and powerful results under any market conditions.

3. Can I make a monthly withdrawal on profits?
Yes. However, we advise our students not to withdraw all the profits because compounded profits will help on growth of trading account. Example: 30-50% of monthly profits

4. Can I stop using EEA?
Yes. You have to inform our support team at any time.

5. Can I withdraw my entire account fund?
Yes. You have to inform our support team to close all open trades at the right time.

6. According to the Graph shown in your website, why the results show Zigzag?

The chart shows zigzag because of the account balance. Do not worry on this even the balance is low. We are using internal hedging method system to keep the account equity higher all the time.

7. What is the expected return of the EEA?
The EEA performs exponential returns. The longer you accumulate the profits the more you will earn. According to our past years experiences, it could produce an average monthly return of 5-30% depending on the market conditions.

8. What is the recommended minimum trade period of the EEA?
At least 3 months

9. Can I use the EEA in other broker platform?
No. Since the EEA is not for sale, we only allow it to run on the platform of NZ Financial FX Trader.

10. What is the recommended minimum capital to start on the EEA?
USD5000 is the minimum amount.

11. How to start using the EEA?

The EEA is open for our ESA Trader students only. Therefore you have to register as an ESA Trader’s student. Please feel free to contact me at facebook as Don al zhafrino

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Nov 22, 2009
7860960 2009.11.19 15:28sell0.20eurusd1.48641.51641.4834 2009.11.20 14:061.4834-6.00-0.3860.00
7872612 2009.11.19 19:26sell0.20eurusd1.49081.52081.4878 2009.11.20 11:491.4878-6.00-0.3860.00
7876091 2009.11.19 20:57sell0.20eurusd1.49121.52121.4882 2009.11.20 11:481.4882-6.00-0.3860.00
Deposit/Withdrawal: 0.00Credit Facility: 0.00Closed Trade P/L: 160.86

Open Trades:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / P PriceCommissionR/O SwapTrade P/L
7729011 2009.11.16 22:28buy0.20eurusd1.49701.46701.5000 1.4861-6.000.00-218.00
7740303 2009.11.17 03:42buy0.20eurusd1.49681.46681.4998 1.4861-6.000.00-214.00
7741074 2009.11.17 04:07buy0.20eurusd1.49671.46671.4997 1.4861-6.000.00-212.00
7924707 2009.11.20 21:08sell0.20eurusd1.48621.51621.4832 1.4863-6.000.00-2.00
Floating P/L:-670.00

Working Orders:
TicketOpen TimeTypeSizeItemPriceS / LT / PMarket Price
No transactions

A/C Summary:
Previous Ledger Balance:4 486.18 Floating P/L:-670.00
Closed Trade P/L:160.86 Total Credit Facility:0.00
Deposit/Withdrawal:0.00 Equity:3 977.04
Balance:4 647.04 Margin Requirement:298.83
Available Margin:3 678.21
Best Regards
Accounts Department
Please report to us within 24 hours if this statement is incorrect. Otherwise this statements will be considered to be confirmed by you
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