Admin!! Is Buying Safe??

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Admin!! is buying safe?? Jun 12, 2007
I'm surprised that I see cheap stuff here,i mean play station 300usd come on who is fooling us here and guess what..its sent straight from nigeria..the seller so called bluelink is actually telling us hey i'm a scammer

please admin we need clarification here,don't make the site a cause for victims to increase..does this nigerian thing have a shop in can't just allow ppl to put ads


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Jun 13, 2007
It's not safe to buy...
I can't sit here all day and think what is scam and what is not..

Contact only people that includes their phone number in the message...
try to meet and see the products for yourself before buying anything.

Communicating only by email then wiring money to some fake company is a very bad idea.
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