Will I Get 1 Year Ban From My Employer? Or Any Other Ban ?

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will i get 1 year ban from my employer? or any other ban ? Jan 15, 2013
Hi List;
one of my friend is an engineer and working under probation for the last one month in an LCC.As his degree certificate was not attested from UAE embassy, the company gave him a Sales Visa. his salary is above 16K AED. The legal contract with the employer is not yet signed and labour card is not processed yet and not applied, and visa is NOT stamped on the passport. Now,If am changing the company,
1) Will i get 1 year ban from the MOL.
2) Can I join new company without NOC from my current employer.
3) If at all 1 year ban can be imposed by current employer, can that ban be lifted after paying the ban fee. (remember, i haven't signed the contract yet)

pls replay

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Re: Will I Get 1 Year Ban From My Employer? Or Any Other Ban Sep 20, 2013
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