Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration

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Visa Types available from Dubai Immigration Nov 22, 2006
General Information
Information concerning visa requirements for those wishing to travel to the UAE has been listed below, however visa reulations and costs are subject to change and should always be checked with you travel agent or nearest UAE embassy before travelling (see Useful Addresses for contact details). Do not overstay your visa as this wll result in detention and fines.

The Cabinet has decided to reduce the visit visa period for citizens of 33 countries who are allowed to enter the UAE without a prior visa to one month non-renewable instead of three months. The Cabinet also decided to impose a charge of Dhs100 per visa to be collected on entry to the UAE through land, seaport and airport entry points.

The decision includes citizens from France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Visit Visa
Citizens of the UK (with right of abode in the UK) will be granted a free of charge visit visa on arrival in the UAE: Passports will be stamped with the visit visa as you pass through Immigration at any airport in the UAE. Although the visa may be stamped for 30 days, it entitles the holder to stay in the country for 60 days and may be renewed once for an additional period of 30 days for a fee of Dh500.

Except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council who do not require a visa and nationalities automatically entitled to visit visas on entry, all other visitors who wish to stay longer than 14 days in the UAE (see Entry Service Permit below) must obtain a visit visa in advance through a sponsor. The sponsor can be your travel agency, your hotel, the company or department with which you are doing business in the UAE, or an individual (eg. a relative or friend resident in the UAE).

You can pick up this visit visa on arrival at the airport, but there is a fee of Dh100 plus a Dh10 delivery charge for this service. In order to complete your application, your sponsor will require your date of arrival, flight details, and a photocopy of the first few pages of your passport, which should be valid for at least three months.

A hotel will only provide a visa if you are a guest. For an individual to sponsor a visit visa, he or she must earn over Dh4000 per month and hold a valid residence visa. Your visit visa must be deposited at airport immigration one hour before the arrival of your flight. Note that your airline may require evidence (e.g. a photocopy) before departure that a valid visa awaits you on arrival.

Please note that holders of British Overseas Citizens Passport who do not have the right of abode in the UK do need visas to enter the UAE.

Tourist Visa
This special category of visit visa is available for individual tourists from East and West Europe who are not entitled to be issued with a visa on arrival, as well as visitors from Thailand, South Africa and China. The tourist visa, which must be sponsored by hotels and tour operators, entitles its holder to a 30-day stay and is non-renewable. The fee is Dh100, with an additional Dh10 for delivery.

Entry Service Permit
An entry service permit (sometimes referred to as a 14-day stay) is available to businessmen and tourists. The permit must be sponsored by a company or commercial establishment or a hotel licensed to operate within the UAE. The visa, which is non-renewable, is valid for 14 days from the date of issue and the duration of stay is 14 days from date of entry, exclusive of arrival and departure days. There is a fee of Dh120 plus Dh10 delivery charge for obtaining an entry service permit. Allow at least two weeks for processing of the permit.

Transit Visa
If you are flying to or from Europe or the United States, to Asia or Africa and passing through UAE airports, you can obtain a special 96-hour transit visa. You must be sponsored by an airline operating in the UAE and you must have a valid ticket for your onward flight. Your travel documents will be stamped with an entry seal and there is no charge for this visa

Multiple Entry Visa
An option for business visitors who are frequent visitors to the UAE and who have a relationship with a reputable company in the UAE. Valid for six months from date of issue, each visit must not exceed 30 days in total. This visa costs Dh1000. The visitor must enter the UAE on a visit visa and obtain the multiple entry visa while in the country.

German citizens (both tourists and business visitors) may apply to the UAE embassy in Germany for one or two year multiple-entry visa. No sponsor is required. The maximum duration of stay should not exceed three months a year. The visa fee is Dh1500.

US citizens may apply to the UAE embassy in the US for one to ten year multiple-entry visas. A sponsor is required and the visa will be granted free of charge. The maximum duration of stay should not exceed six months per visit.

To obtain a visa from a UAE embassy, you will need the following:

2 photographs
Duplicate application form
Letter or fax from the sponsor in the UAE to the embassy concerned
A letter from the applicant's company plus photocopy

sage & onion
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Oct 18, 2008
SO what about the work visa?! would you please let me know how far does it takes to be issued?
My employer has applied on September 14th and no response yet!
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Abou Ban Aug 19, 2009
Dear all,

i am currently working in dubai on dubai visa since 3 months.

in my offer letter its mentioned if i leave the company within 2 yrs, i will have to pay the visa & ticket cost.

next thing i can't join any other comp. in same line for 1 more yr.

Now , i am getting a job from a comp. of zebel ali free zone.

My question is : will i get a ban if i change the job from my employer ,also from dubai govt.

is the ban applicable for freezone. i can work in free zone or not ???

Please advice.....
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration Nov 12, 2013

aladeeltours AT gmail . com or info AT aladeeltours . com
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Dec 27, 2013
hi,,,im canceled visa and after my duration of stay of 30 days i exit to kish, and my new company send a tourist visa, and i work for 4 days in their company, but im not comfortable of work i decided to leave that job i pay the cost of visa,my question is,, can they give any problem of me,,? i talk with them that i need leave the country soon as possible, if i will not leave,and find another job,, can they give any problem of me?
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration Dec 28, 2013
steph ,

steph ,

steph ,hi.. first if you finish 2 years with your previous employer, then their is no band. Secondly, you said you are on tourist visa and working for new employer. working on tourist visa is against the law, and you are not on employment visa. so, you can leave and join any company. Only you have to pay for tourist visa cost.
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undefined Feb 08, 2014
Assalam o alikum....

I join a company last month and i am in Information technology i also have graduate degree but the company gives me a viva having profession Archives Clerk. my question is that is there any thing wrong with visa and is i am able to switch job with out any ban? and is am i able to call my family here?

Please guide me i an very thank full to you.

Was salam
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration May 05, 2014
I got tourist visa from Mytoursuae & that visa process is easily compeleted.

sage & onion ,
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration May 13, 2014
If I am on visit visa in Dubai and I apply for Registered nurse job, and I get selected for it, will I must return back to my country to change my visa status or I can stay there and do the changes?
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration Oct 13, 2014
hello friends

Since most people participating in this thread are already
working in UAE, I wanted your kind guidance to a fellow aspiring worker.

I am expecting to receive a job offer soon. Whilst
interviewing I did not declare one of my previous employers. The employment was
only a few months and I didn’t leave on good terms with that employer.

I wanted to know what
information on past employers does the UAE government request as part of the
work visa/residency visa process
. The reason I ask is that I have also
applied for Australian immigration and was afraid that the Australian
immigration department in its background check on me would compare employers
with the UAE government. I am afraid since I have declared all my employers
(including this one) on my Australian immigration application. So when they see
the difference, they might use this as grounds for rejecting my application.

Thank you dear friends very much
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Re: Visa Types Available From Dubai Immigration Sep 03, 2015
i am a Ghanaian young talented football at the age 21 and i want to naturalized for Dubai and play for their national team. please help me this is my email
i always wantg to play for Dubai national team so if the immigration can help me naturalized and play for the country i will be very happy.
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undefined Sep 22, 2015
Dear sir , i want to know the Types of visa in categary visa like TYPE A , TYPE B , TYPE C............ Can you explain and give the list for that
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undefined Dec 23, 2015
Dear sir/madam, i sent my passport to dubai for a work permit 2 months ago but till now no reply from the sponsor. Please what can i do

--- Dec 23, 2015 ---

Also i will like you to help guide me how to get a job in dubai online. I will be most grateful, thanks
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