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Visa cancellation May 01, 2016
I joined a freezone company on 10 April 2016. Company has processed my visa also. After joining the company i was not comfortable with the working conditions. Hence i told the HR to transfer me to another department or i will leave the company. But Now HR says my Visa has been done & you have to work in same department or else pay the visa charges then will cancel it. the amount is very high 2570 AED.i am not able to pay . if i fail to pay them visa change can they ban me for lifetime or abscond me ?.

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Re: Visa Cancellation May 07, 2016
I am working in a gold shop. I received a message from my friend and i was replying to that at that time company MD has seen that he come to me and told that go to HR and cancel your visa. When i was messaging inside the shop there is no customer and i was totaly free standing. In this situation will i get previous month salary which i worked for the company. Also there is no warning given to me .straight visa cancellation he did.

Kindly guide with reply.

Thank you
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