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cancellation of own visa Jan 01, 2013
Hi! I recently won a labour case against my employer but they are appealing the judgement and submit another case to the court (same thing as the appeal). The case took months before the court ruling and this is the 4th mo, I thought this will be over but I guess it was not. The court ruled that the company gave all the dues and give me my passport plus ticket back home.
I am out of job for 4 mo and since I think this will not soon be over (bec of the appeal), I look for another job and luckily I got an offer in JAFZA but they told me that I need to be cancelled first so they can process my visa, but the problem is that my former company will not cancell my visa (this is the reason why I filed a labour case against them, they want me to pay visa expenses first before cancelling my visa and they don't gave my salary for almost 2 mo plus my annual).

My employer is not in the country right now and requested the court hearing to be at the last week of Jan or first wk of Feb, which I believe is unfair, she have my passport (I think it's on her house since she cannot bring it outside the country)

My question is, can I just cancell my own visa? How can I do that?
Do I need to pay a certain fee in order to cancell my own visa, how much would it cost me? bec that will be a problem since I already use most of my savings.
I need to have a job immediately bec if this case continue all my funds will be exhausted and I don't know what will happen to me.

Thank you.

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Re: Cancellation Of Own Visa May 29, 2013
contact with naeem 0553096446

--- May 29, 2013 ---

contact with naeem 0553096446
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