Can Local Sponsor Force Me To Cancel My Valid Visa?

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Can Local Sponsor Force Me to Cancel my Valid Visa? Jun 23, 2016
Hi friends,
My employer (a person from India) has left the country because of massive financial loss in one of his businesses. He has not even renewed the trade licence. Nor has he informed the main local Sponsor. My question is: What happens in such a case to my visa? Can the Sponsor force me to cancel my visa, just because my Indian employer has left the country? Or can I tell him not to cancel my visa as I wish to stay here? I don’t wish to cancel visa and depart from the country for a few months. I have reasons: I have already paid rent for my apartment. And the child is studying. As such my visa is valid till November 2017. I can take care of my expenses without having to look for new employment. Please suggest: Can I ask the Local Sponsor not to cancel my VALID and FUNCTIONAL VISA? Can I ask him to let me stay on this valid visa for a few more months?
Thanks in anticipation

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Re: Can Local Sponsor Force Me To Cancel My Valid Visa? Jun 23, 2016

As your employer has left the country , the local sponsor will be held responsible if any thing goes wrong, license will be cancelled and 50,000/- aed fine will be levied on him if you are caught working for others, so to be on safer side he may force you to cancel your visa. And from your end also you can request him not to cancel visa and give NOC so that you can work outside.

Try your luck.

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GOD bless you

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