Can I (an Employee) Cancel My Residence Visa On My Own?

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Can I (an employee) cancel my residence visa on my own? Jul 04, 2016
My employer (an Indian) has left the country due to financial difficulties. He has not even renewed the trade licence. Now since one month the trade licence stands expired. My question is: What happens in case I wish to leave the country for some family reasons after a few months? Can I go and cancel my residence visa (valid till Nov 2017) on my own, even if the employer is not there in the country? Can I be restricted from moving out simply because he has left the country? Do I need his presence to cancel my visa? Finally, do I even need to cancel the visa personally, or I simply have to exit the country (as I have valid visa and passport) and it shall stand cancelled automatically in case I don't come back within 6 months?
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