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Running Away Jul 21, 2014
I wanna ask 4 serious questions here, hope you can answer that with proof/reasonable evidence that supports your answer.

1. If an adult woman (21+) runs away from her parent's / legal guardian's house, in the UAE, can they report on her?

2. If a family of an adult woman "locks her up" banning her to leave the house, can she ask the police for help, for being locked up against her will?

3. I've heard that parents in the UAE can put a "travel ban" on their child, prohibiting them from flying anywhere, so if that child of theirs is an ADULT will the parents still be able to do that? Especially if that child is female?

4. Let's say non of an adult woman's relative/ legal guardian wants to give consent for the woman to get married in the UAE. And they happen to be Muslims. How can the woman then manage to get married? Will she like be stuck single for the rest of her life, waiting for her legal guardian to agree??

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Re: Running Away Nov 26, 2014
There are a couple of things I would have loved to say about the UAE. I really don't understand how they enacted their laws. It seems not to favor anyone.
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