7/7 Memorial Vandalized Hours Before Commemoration

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7/7 memorial vandalized hours before commemoration Jul 08, 2014
When are real Brits going to wake up and kick the politicians and fifth columnists out of their country?

The memorial commemorating the victims of the July 7 bombings on London has been defaced just hours before survivors and bereaved families gather to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

The stainless steel columns of the memorial in Hyde Park, central London, were daubed with red and black slogans overnight with the messages ’4Innocent Muslims’, ‘Blair Lied Thousands Died’ and ‘J7 Truth’.

Ros Morley, whose 52-year-old husband Colin died when the bomb went off at Edgware Road, told of her sadness at the vandalism, but said she would not let it affect her.

She said: ‘It is sad that someone could stoop so low, to damage something that represents such a tragic event in the history of London.

‘People have to pay their respects, so they (the culprits) should have thought before they acted in a terrible way.’

Vandals spray-painted the memorial to the victims of the 7/7 London bombings ahead of the ninth anniversary of the attacks which left 52 dead

She added: ‘I won’t let it affect me, I’m looking past that, someone acted in a thoughtless way. I would say to the person who did this to think before they act. I would like them to think how they would feel if they were going to pay their respects to a loved one?’

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