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Im selling online in instagram and i have a customer who order to me worth 1700 dirhams the delivery man deliver it to him but when it was delivered he beat the delivery man, he take his orders and runaway they call me that the delivery man is in the police station so i message the guy but he blocked me in whatsapp so i dont know what to do its 1700 dirhams its not just 100 or 200 its 1700 dirhams! so i posted in my online shop the picture of that guy and this is my caption to my instagram post "HI EVERYONE JUST WANT TO INFORM YOU THAT THIS PERSON IS A THIEF HE ORDER TO ME WORTH 1700 DIRHAMS AND SEND IT BY COURIER AND THE COURIER DELIVER IT TO CROWNE PLAZA HE BEATS THE COURIER AND TAKE THE ITEMS AND RUNAWAY. WE ALREADY FILE A CASE FOR HIM WHOEVER KNOWS HIM PLEASE TELL IT TO US HIS NAME IS " " FROM JUMEIRAH. IF YOU KNOW HIM PEASE WHATSAPP " " " then i follow all of his friends and after how many hours he contact me but then someone talk to me and said that is his brother and deal with me that i will remove that but they will pay me. Then how many hours the guy called me and say sorry and said he will pay 900 for now then after 6 days he will pay the balance i agree with that because i thought his sincere. then now i message him he said he will pay me at 3 then i waited then 3:30 i message him i told him to pay while im outside. Then he said he will never contact me so he's saying that he's not going pay and he said that what i posted in instagram is blackmail. i was so pissed off and im planing to file a case to him so whats the best case i can make for him i want him to learn his lessons inside the jail i give him a chance but he do that so please help me what should i do.

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