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DUBAI Super Power Jun 18, 2017
Once you place your foot on Dubai's ground you get super powers. And they stick with you and become part of your identity. You are not called anymore by your last name as it turns into >Dubai<. People save you in their phones/books as Contact Dubai, Dubai Help, Dubai free tour guide, Dubai help...wait did I say help....Dubai Jobs etc.

So you start to live among rich people but you never see them. But that does not matter, you have to pay for that as you know poor people and they don't. So forget about middle class dreams. As you will have to share your income with poor people on regular basis as you now have Dubai Super Powers.

And Dubai Powers can do wonders: High school graduate can seek job to Medical doctor, PHD holder or just regular Bachelor, housewife can pay somebody's 20-years-long loans even if she is not working herself, Secondary school student can send money to his adult cousins and pay their trips to desired destinations, children can receive guests on their own and ensure their smooth staying in Dubai....

I am not talking here about SUPER Super Powers that maids and workers have who build houses with their super super powers and educate children and feed families. That is another topic; Miracle of Dubaians.

I am talking about poor middle class who after paying price for being Dubaians by sending, sharing, giving, touring, receiving, gifting,supporting...only get arrogant glances of rich people as they don't have latest outfit brands or accessories. As if they are sinners amongst pure people, they find themselves not belonging, miserable, tasteless, fashion uneducated, poor...

And those rich people? Oh how they know situation of Middle class well. They offer and offer big prices so that all Middle class people go and spend more money in their stores, schools, restaurants, shops... All kinds of tricks, marketing, big words, promises, advertises ...all that just to take last money from poor letting them believe that they will get more by giving all what they have to rich.

And that is the biggest super power of Dubaians; poor people make rich people giants even if they are million times poorer then them.

My Ramadan message to rich people: please do not look at our dresses that we wear few years continuously, try to see all that new dresses on our poor friends back home or on their children, do not look at our old shoes, as they are not talking about our characters, but our hearts are. Do not think that we don't belong to same restaurants as you just because we are paying from old leather bag with no brand on it. Don't judge us, because we are paying a price for living next to you, for being your neighbours, for knowing those poor that you do not mix with.
Do not close your doors to our children because they are not wealthy as yours, as they might be as noble and kind, as loyal and honest.

We do not need your wealth, your fame or friendship...all what we need is that you recognise our Dubaian Super Powers as poor people clearly can see. See more in us then outfits, see that we are making you more rich by giving you last money trough schools, shops, restaurants, food.... Be thankful. Next time when you see a person who is not much stylish and have no taste for latest fashion please just say: THANK YOU DUBAIAN and walk away with a smile.

And if in return you get millions of THANK YOU UAE do not blame me :)


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