Covid-19 Thailand Travel Ban - Any Updates?

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Covid-19 Thailand Travel Ban - any updates? Mar 06, 2020
I’ve been looking for any updates to the the recent Travel Ban for UAE Citizens to Thailand.

I’m British UAE resident (working in the UAE on rotation and living in Thailand on my time off)

I’m unsure if this travel ban impacts me (i.e. its the Ban for UAE Citizens (UAE Passport holders) or does the same ban extend to Residents (holders of work visa’s etc).

IF travelling to Thailand could Residency (and with it work privileges) be revoked?

There really isn’t any news out there regarding this and of course I don’t want to chance it, but would also like to go home on my days off and see my Wife and Son.

Is there any likelihood of the travel ban being lifted given that Thailand has relatively low numbers of Covid-19 cases.
According to March-4 WHO Covid-19 situation report: Cases: Thailand 43 / UK 51 / Spain 151 / Germany 196 / France 212 - Yet the UAE government has placed no travel ban to these countries (I use them in this example as point of reference).

Any info would be welcomed.

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