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Reiki Treatments and courses Sep 26, 2010
Desert Reiki Dubai are now offering Reiki level I/II courses throughout the UAE please telephone 0505098079 for more information and future dates.
Reiki can be used for a wide selection of illnesses that we encounter in our everyday lives, from the Emotional to the physical.

Would it not be great to wake up in the morning after a balanced nights sleep filled with energy and actual want to start the day? We are all whether we like to admit or not are stressed. Through the intervention of Reiki the negative energy that is the route of the stress is replaced with positive external life energy instantly making us feel better. From the very first treatment the client feels the effects during and for sometime after the treatment.

From daily aches and pains to more specific and damaging illnesses reiki has been proven to help the body to heal in a unique and clearly positive way
“This therapy gave me a possibility to stay safe, because my work need all my concentration and after this I'm feeling quiet well... Thanks Steve. Really, Thanks.”
Rodrigo Diaz. Chile

“Back pain for years. I am an ex marine (long marches and parachuting). one treatment of rieki made pain go away. No problems since. Thanks steven.”

Phil Harris. Baghdad Iraq

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Re: Reiki Treatments and courses Sep 26, 2010
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