Past Life Regression And Reiki In Dubai Jan’09

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Past Life Regression and Reiki in Dubai Jan’09 Dec 29, 2008
Dear Friends,
“Happy New Year”
Here we like to introduce you with Wonderful & simple healing technique “Reiki”.
Cosmic Rhythm is giving you chance to fulfil your New Year resolutions by organising Reiki Seminar and Past Life Regression sessions in Dubai and welcome your New Year in Grand, Energetic and Peaceful way. Like to inform that Master Akhilesh from India is visiting to Dubai from 12th January’09 to 17th January’09 to conduct Past Life Regression session, Reiki Seminars and Reiki Healing Session

“Akhilesh is very senior Reiki Master & Regression Master of high repute and has leaded psycho-spiritual workshops in different parts of the world. He works with individuals, couples & in groups and his work helps one to emerge from within to realize the true sense of self, life and others.

Following is Schedule of his programmes:
Reiki Seminar on 16th and 17th January 09 (Fri, Sat)
Past Life Regression Session on 12th and 13th January’09
(Duration:aprox one hour, only with prior appointment)

Below are the brief details to facilitate your decision to attend these seminars :
Why one should attend Past Life Regression Session?

“Regression session reveals how past and present lives can affect our future lives.”
Purpose of attending Past Regression session may be:
- To get to the depth of issues that prevents us from realizing our potential today.
- To empty mind from its preconceptions, learns to work with enthusiasm, resulting in adopting better strategies
- You may get answers of purpose in life.
- To resolve relationship issues.
- Personal issues like loneliness, sadness, depression can be overcome
- On basis of understanding clearly, you can create new future/life by choice.
- You can create abundance of love, joy and money by choice.
- To understand how fear guilt, anger and phobias affect life, blocking the path of abundance.
- You can feel fulfilment within yourself
- For the spiritual development of self.
Past Life regression session can be attended individually or may be in the group.
What is Reiki, How it can be learnt and what are its benefits?

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. The life force energy that surrounds us and flow through all that is alive. The real difference is the 'Attunement' (or initiation) process. The wonder of Reiki is its simplicity. A pair of hands and willingness to practice & heal is all that is required.
To learn Reiki you have to spend aprox 10-12 hours with us which can be spreaded in to two or three days. In First degree a series of four attunements are given by a traditional Reiki Master. In this process, certain energy centre also known as 'chakras' are opened to enable the person to channel a higher amount of universal life force energy. After the process of attunement one can lay his/her hands on self or another person and transfer Reiki to help the healing process. It benefits on all the level of our body.
On physical level – Reiki energy provides Relaxation, High energy levels, Improved Health, Better Immune system, Hormonal Balance. It overcomes stress, physical aches and pains, Fatigue and various diseases by fulfilling lack of energy in our body.
On emotional and mental level- Reiki energy provides peace, happiness, positive thinking a better relationship. It increases concentration, memory, and confidence. It overcome negative emotion like anger, fear, sadness, frustration, anxiety and Insecurity
First Degree Reiki Seminar broadly covers the background of Reiki, History or Reiki, Attunement Process, Self & others healing, deal different diseases with Reiki, applications of Reiki and principles of Reiki.
Hope this mail will motivate you to complete your New Year resolution to work on yourself. For more information contact:
Cosmic Rhythm
Search cosmic rhythm in google for contact information in Dubai

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Dec 29, 2008
Sounds like a load of old b/s to me - but some people like a bit of b/s :D
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Dec 30, 2008
In a past life I was an evil Forum Moderator and would have binned this as spam.

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