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Team for Dubai Game Jan 21, 2009
Given we are getting close to game time now, albeit, NAB Cup how about we post our teams, 18 starters and 6 bench for the game in Dubai. No necessarily in position either.

Mainly just seeing who will miss due to injury or other. Not our best team or anything like that, just who we think wil play in Dubai. It appears MM has ruled out Harry O, Goldsack & Pebs.

FB: Johnson, Wakelin, Clarke
HB: H Shaw, N Brown, Maxwell
C: Pendlebury, Swan, Lockyer
HF: Thomas, T Cloke, Medhurst
FF: Reid, Dawes, Egan
Fol: Wood, O'Bree, Davis

Int: Anthony, Stanley, Rusling, McCarthy, R Shaw, Bryan


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