Call To Arms !

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Call to arms ! Oct 23, 2013
Hello everyone !!

I came here as a missionary bringing you a word of a game you may not yet heard of. :)

It's called "e-sim" and it simulates the real world we live in. By registering, you become a citizen of a country of your choosing, fighting its battles, founding companies and working hard to boost its economy, and vote for you preffered party and president himself.

Recently, e-sim opened up a new server, called "Suna", including only Africa and Saudi as involving countries. This happened 5 days ago. Myself and bunch of my friends quickly moved to United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be more precise, so we are trying hard to make our new and exotic country stable and safe.

This is why I'm asking you to tryout this game at least by visiting this refferal link " " , so if you decide to stay and stick to your country future, we can help you out in the beginning phases.

Once again, server is still young, you have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy the game.

As UAE, we already founded an alliance with one of the strongest countries and we already managed to win some important battles and captured some of the high demanded resources in the game, we can safely say, we gad a tense, but satisfying start. :)

Hope you will consider this article :)


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Re: Call To Arms ! Nov 03, 2013
If I join that refferal link with my personal account, is it save from harmful/unwanted email on daily basis?
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Re: Call To Arms ! Nov 07, 2013
Hello GamerzAE ! Thank you for your reply ! :)

So far, I haven't got any harmful/unwanted email from e-sim. :)

But let me use this time to explain current UAE situation, in game of course.

Recently, well, yesterday, I have become new country president of UAE, since the last one left us in ruins. I've said we've taken some high demanded resources early in the game and sadly, it backfired at us. This is the current map:


As you can see, Isreal is knocking on our doors, wanting to occupy UAE. Next to them, Yemen president bought lots of in game currency and is planning to attack us as well, after regaining their regions. Saudi Arabia is not far from Yemen's plans as well. So it's safe to say, we're in a bad position.

However, yesterday, we have managed to push back Israel from South Emirates region, but it's only a matter of time before they strike again.

This is why I'm asking you to join us in UAE ! We need more citizens to whitstand Israel current manpower !

Also, if you know any good UAE source of gamers I can visit and try to recruit some citizens, I'll be really grateful !

Thank you ! :)
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Re: Call To Arms ! Apr 22, 2014
Very well done and great effort i must say. I really love it when people come up with new and punchy ideas. Thank you for sharing it.

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