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URGENT ADVICE Apr 29, 2007
Hi Guys

Dont know if you can help me but i have 2 questions which are in need of an urgent answer , i have been working for a big real estate company for the last year and a bit and i have just quit to go to another company can somone please tell me if i am entitled to my commissions which is due within the next month and also am i entitled to gratuity pay?

I am on the company visa if that is any help.


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Apr 30, 2007
why would you quit one month before the bonus payout?? it really depends on what was originally agreed in your employment contract, but normally unless you have some bargaining chips, it is likely that your resignation implies forgoing your bonuses.
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May 01, 2007
Gratuity, yes, as it's govt law. Commission, check your work agreement.
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May 01, 2007
xty wrote:Gratuity, yes, as it's govt law. Commission, check your work agreement.

Apart from what xt has said, which is correct of course, a question, are you joining another Real Estate Company?, and if so, do your present Company know this?
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