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strict laws Oct 21, 2008

I will be visiting Dubai in November to see if my husband and myself might want to move from Glasgow
I am looking for some information and tips there are a few things that are concerning me I have heard a lot of stories of people being arrested for having over the counter meds on them I take a lot of suppliments not meds and of course they would be in my case but I would hate to arrive and find my case being pulled apart

What are the rules as in dress code and men and women ?
I am a keen photographer and wondered if there are strict rules about this ? sorry to go on a bit Ijust don't want to offend the locals.

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Oct 21, 2008

sorry I can not post a link since I dont have 15 posts. So at the end put a . where it says dot

I can only help you with the meds part sorry.
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thankyou Oct 22, 2008
for the link i will check it out

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Oct 22, 2008
As long as your medication has a sticker on it with the issuing pharmacy/doctor and your name on it you should be ok. Also, check out the link previously posted by bigdave. Also, most over the counter meds are available in Dubai (Panadol, calpol etc.)

As for dress code, its common sense that prevails most of the time. If you like to wear mini skirts and boob tubes and don't mind getting stared at by LOTS of people then go ahead. Sharjah might be a little stricter and you may get arrested for dressing like that but you'd have to verify this.

Public displays of affection are frowned upon, but holding hands (as far as I can see from walking round Mall of the Emirates etc.) is tolerated.

Apart from that you will love it! Once I finish my degree in 2-3 years I'm Dubai bound!

RossBaku :-D
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