Single Mum Getting Married, Father Not Biological, Adoption

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Single mum getting married, father not biological, adoption Aug 06, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I am an unmarried mom who has a daughter and have adopted my nephew who is an orphan. I have been working and living in the UAE for the past 2 years. I met my fiancee here and we are getting married in October. We now want to bring in the children to live with us in the UAE once we are married. My queries are as follows:

1. Will my fiancee/future husband be able to sponsor my children whereas he is not their biological father (hence his name has not been indicated in the birth certificate)?
2. Can we bring in the children to visit the UAE even on a tourist visa?
3. Will they be accepted by the schools here especially since we understand that they give much importance to the biological surnames indicated on birth certificates?
4. How else can we approach this matter?

We would truly appreciate your assistance with the same.

Thank you all!

Ruth and Patrick.

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