HELP PLease!! Have Been Offered A Job At The Burj!!

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HELP PLease!! Have been offered a job at the Burj!! Jul 17, 2004
Last week I was offered a fantastic job at the Burj al arab but I'm just not sure if the salary/package will keep me and my husband above water!!.

Thing is, it will be the first time we have lived abroad and we've only been on holiday to Dubai a couple of times.

Package is D7500 a month plus accommodation and all bills paid for.
My husband will look for something whilst we're out there but we have commitments of £500 a month back home plus a flat to rent out.

Is it worth it??? :?



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Jul 17, 2004
chea, chea, chea
i think u'd be real stupid if u didnt!! n plus if u cant handle it as a couple bun him and do ur own thing !! push the single life

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x Jul 18, 2004
if u dont want the job, pass it on 2 me!!!!
martin lawrence
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Jul 18, 2004
I don't think none of us have the anwers to ur questions. Both of u have to sit down and run thru some figures and cons. I guess u know all that. The package seems to be very attractive thats why you are confused. Personally if u gonna ask me im gonna take it but im looking at a different perspective.

Good luck, make ur choice and be happy.
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Jul 18, 2004
well it has to do with the style of lifestyle you are used too.
when you say they pay for everything do you mean electricity water telephone and school bills?

and where is it your are coming from again?

what sorta of salaries do you get usualy?

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