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help - new start need advise ref credit Nov 08, 2008
I am looking at moving out to Dubai next year. Feb 08

Can you get credit cards and car loans if you have bad credit in the UK ??
I will have a guarnateed job and a monthly salary of a equilivant to £4,000 per mth in sterling while working there so on a resaonable salary.

Cant get credit in Uk as been left bad debts from a relationship breakup... thats why I am coming out to Dubai to work and start a new life.
Can anyone help?

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Nov 09, 2008
I’ve had some friends with similar circumstances who have managed to get sorted with credit. Small things they won’t bother with, but if you were planning on buying a house it would be a different storey. Hook up with a local bank not someone like HSBC or Standard Chartered. As you got caught out previously, don’t sign surety for anyone, they take credit defaulting quiet seriously here (it’s considered fraud) and you can end up in jail quiet quickly. They normally don't ask about your previous credit reference.
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Dec 17, 2008
Credit checks will not be done on you in the UK for loans here. You will normally need to have some history with the bank before they will lend you anything unless your sponsor has a good relationship with the bank. Beware though. defaulting on a loan/credit card here is regarded as a criminal offence and can get you into jail. When taking a credit card, the insurance they ask you to take and pay for is a waste of money. We've never seen anyone successfully make a claim if they became unemployed.
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