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US Arab Chamber | Arab American Chamber Of Commerce Mar 17, 2014
Arab countries request that export documents such as Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoices, Packing List, and Halal Certificate…etc., must be stamped from the US Arab Chamber of Commerce in order to acknowledge its validity.
The US Arab Chamber of Commerce is a recognized chamber of commerce, located in Los Angeles, California. It offers the stamp of the export documents for use in the customs of the Arab countries.

We can receive your documents:
By Hand- Walk in
If you submit your documents in USACC’s office before 9.00 A.M till11.00 A.M, your documents will be processed immediately.
By Mail Courier
Such as FedEx, DHL, and US regular mail, your documents will be processed and ready to deliver on the next business day.

· US Arab Chamber of Commerce charges $ 25 per single document for most of the Arab Countries.
· US Arab Chamber of Commerce charges $ 35 per single document for United Arab of Emirates (UAE) only.

Before sending your export documents to US Arab Chamber of Commerce, please make sure that:
1. Your documents are signed by an authorized agent and notarized.
2. Certificates of Origin must declare the manufacturer full name and address.
3. Commercial invoices must include six digits Harmonized System codes.
4. Payments:
· If using company check, make it payable to “US Arab Chamber of Commerce”.
· If using credit card, please attach a payment confirmation with the exact amount.( extra charge %5 when using credit card).
5. If using Mail courier, please attach a prepaid airway bill to send the documents back to you.

To Request US Arab Chamber of Commerce’s Services, or for any further information, Please contact us at:

453 South Spring Street, Suite 734
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 888-666-1110

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