Studying In Dubai Vs LA

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Studying in Dubai vs LA May 06, 2014

Im a 26 year old and ive recently sold my company and want to start studying again. Im thinking about the PR, marketing and media program at Middlesex university.

Im moving from an scandinavian country but i am originalet middle eastern. Whenever i sm in dubai i feel like somewhere home compared to USA. Some of the mentality they have in america i just dont understand and i have a hard time imagining to live there.

The rest of my family tho, one older sister n parents they love it. But what botheres me with american studying is that they want international students to study and get an AA degree in college before applying to uni. This usually takes 3 years since the colleges are packed n people amr at the same courses. Im not putting 6 years into a bachelors degree because i have to get an AA degree (associate degree).

Im really puzzled what to do, i have friends in Uae earning money n working well but in many ways Dubai doesnt have a good reputation and i will be living there on my own studying as a single woman.
Could anybody advice me please

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