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University interview tips for freshers Dec 20, 2012
here are some interview tips for the freshers which are going to be interviewed first time in university. I would like to invite every one to share their own ideas. Very first read the prospectus.Find out what form the interview will take. Think of some questions to ask in return. Contact the university if there’s a problem. that are going for the interview at university.Give full answers.Read over your A-Level subject notes.Have a mock interview.Speak to students who have already had an interview.Don’t worry if you found it hard.Discuss your interview with other people These are the tips for those candidates. Stay calm.Then read the prospectus.Read a quality magazine or newspaper that is related to your subject.Talk with the students about the interview that they had done.Before the day of interview have good night sleep.

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Re: University Interview Tips For Freshers Dec 22, 2012
You dont need any of that nonsense

just count your dollars in front of them
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Re: University Interview Tips For Freshers Jan 07, 2013
lol $$$ matters
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