University Dropping Out Or...?

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University dropping out or...? Apr 01, 2020
There is less then a month to solve payments at University for my kids.

My father stopped sending money due to coronavirus. He closed his showrooms as he is afraid that people might bring virus in. He is old and sick and virus could finish him.

He helped me so far with 3 payments and I borrowed from one friend in my country as well.
Now fourth payment is left unpaid and I have no idea how to solve it.

It is time for me to start paying back debt to that friend too. I don't work at Nursery now as I did before, when I tried to rise some little money and to pay back debts.
Now even that is gone.

Sitting at home, asking people for help while they are thinking that I am using this coronavirus outbreak situation to gain money. They don't know that my problems lasts for long time, since I started to seek Scholarship for my kids.

University didn't give them anything as they have no A marks in all subjects. My son got all Distinctions at first semester at University but still nothing from them.
Institutions who help STEM students didn't give them anything because they are not Arabs, or because they are not studying at their Universities etc.

Humanitarian Foundations didn't help because they don't give scholarships, as they said.
Islamic institutions didn't help because I have no family books or other required documents (which can be given only by locals as they have it and it doesn't exist in my word). And that Islamic Affairs said they don't give help, they just coordinate humanitarian organizations. Whatever that means.

Humanitarian charities I didn't ask at all. How could I ask Red Cross or such, when they have to feed millions of refugees, hungry people under occupations in war zones etc.

I asked rich people, people of power, governmental institutions....all in wain. They help ONLY their people, only specific Universities, only their employees, only those who study abroad etc.

Now I can see some of those in same distress as I was when asking and they refused. I can see their businesses going down. That one Real Estate that I asked, who didn't have for two orphans anything, now closing their big income sources. I didn't pray for that. I never thought such times can come, when people will lose fortunes. Probably they didn't think it possible as well.

Nobody had time or money for two orphans, that was so small and so unimportant. Irrelevant.
It was all about a BIG picture. Now there is no BIG picture, now we are all distressed.

Only difference is that I might be in situation to let my kids drop their first year at University just because of last payment... I have no money to pay and I promised to ex husband, who put empty cheques for them just to disclose procedure, that I will never bring him in situation that he has to go to jail, just because he helped my kids enter University by giving his empty cheques. This was a big favor from him, as even if I had support from my father and my friend with money payments, still I would not be able to put kids at University as I didn't have cheques.

All those that I asked for help and refused don't think that you will thrive, that your businesses will be saved. God is there for all. If you are merciless God will be the same with you.
As if it was so hard to help to students who has no father alive. As if that needed sacrifice of government and institutions and individuals and foundations....

And those who helped (my father, my friend and ex husband) may ALlah help them as well in their needs. When they have no way to succeed may Allah open ways to them, and make it easy to them. And may Allah help my kids to study and me to pay debts and have time for my own learning and may Allah help all good people who help others. Amin

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Re: University Dropping Out Or...? Apr 12, 2020 ... s-1.988993

May Allah save Abu Dhabi and may it be the first in economic recovery and in health and tourism. Amin
How I wish this could happen in Dubai and I get support for my two students.
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Re: University Dropping Out Or...? Apr 26, 2020
Alhamdulillah my problems for this academic year are solved :D

Now I feel relieved and happy.

Two family members applied for Ramadan Umrah this year, but it was canceled due to coronavirus outbreak, and their money returned. So they sent me money for one child to pay fees and to finish first year of studies. May Allah write to them rewards as if they performed Ramadan umrah! Amin <3

Then one payment was left for only one child but ex husband said that he will pay that amount from his salary.

Alhamdulillah. What I learnt from this year is that nobody is as merciful as parents (family and friends). People who doesn't know you will not show mercy even if they have billions.

We have only what we connect with, on this earth....

On Hereafter we have only what we connect with God.

So let's connect, it is Ramadan: "La ilaha illallaahu Al-Azimu Al-Halim. La ilaha illallaahu Rabbul-Arshil-Azim. La ilaha illallaahu Rabbu-Samawati we Rabbul-Erdi we Rabbul-Arshil-kerim."
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