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Tourist in Dubai Dec 29, 2005
Hello guys!

1- I'll be spending 2 weeks touristing in Dubai (1-16 Feb). One of my biggest interests is smoking argile and open air restaurants playing good music! Do U know where I can best find these two in Dubai?! Combined in one place is even better!

2- Which hotels should I avoid?!

3- What are the best night clubs with arabic style music? What do they charge?

4- Where can I find the best argile service?

5- Which hotels do have roof restaurants?

6- Which is the best tourist agent (in quality and prices)?
I've contacted Net Tourist Dubai and they are my favorite so far. Hania Tourism Dubai was OK.

7- What should I do and where should I go on my first night in Dubai?

8- What should I not miss doing and seeing in Dubai? What is a MUST concerning Dubai?

Plzzzzz help me with good advices! Ur replies are highly appreciated!

Have a good day!

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Dec 29, 2005
Do any of U have phone number or e-mail adress of City Gold Hotel in Dubai?!

Have a good day
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