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Pet dogs in Dubai Feb 04, 2006
Has anyone brought over their dogs to Dubai? Is it easy if we want to? We already live in a hot climate (although not as hot as Dubai) and are thinking of bringing our 2 dogs with us.

anyone got any experience of how easy it is? Do many villas have fenced in yards for them?

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Feb 05, 2006
This should be in the Expat Help Forum, but never mind.

Yes I did! It's pretty easy to do, I brought mine over with Emirates and they were very helpful. A few things to remember:

You must obtain an export licence from the country you're leaving and an import licence from the UAE Ministry.

Animals must be upto date with all relevant vaccinations and have a valid rabies vaccination with the blood test results, they must also be recently wormed.

Book flights well in advance as an airline will only travel one family of animals at a time, you must have someone travelling with the animals, or prove there is someone the other end to receive them.

A vet will meet you on arrival to check the animals are healthy and sign the revelant paper work to allow them into the country.

Travel cages / boxes must meet IATA standards, if they do not, the vet at the airport will not allow the animals to travel, the boxes should be bigger rather than smaller, the animal must be able to stand up with clearance of the head and shoulders and be able to fully turn around. Your measurements must be accurate to get the right size box.

It's a bit of a zoo at the airport as all the workers want to stare and see you animals, which totally freaked mine out, you just have to be firm and tell them to go away.

Most villas have walled gardens, but it's far too hot in the summer to leave dogs outside.

Hope this helps.
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Feb 05, 2006
Also the Ministry of Agriculture has a list of dogs not allowed into the country. You can also ring them or view info. online.
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