Mind Controlling Salespersons In Dubai

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Mind controlling Salespersons in Dubai Apr 15, 2018
If somebody could just explain to me (obviously nobody replying here on forum, but still let me try) the phenomena of people touching us in malls, asking to hold our hands and looking deep into our eyes to sell us stuff that we do not need at all.

I saw salespersons asking people for their hands. I saw some girl asked a man to wash his hands. And he kind of gave his hand, and she is washing his hand and telling him he has to buy that products, it is good for his skin etc.

At the same time other girl asked for my hand, looking me into the eyes, coming close to my face when talking. So I kind felt uncomfortable to refuse her. And so I bought that stupid nail polish, that I would never go for.

It looks funny at first, but then on second thought I wonder are people allowed to touch others, by asking for permission or not? Is that permissible by law? Brainwashing? Mind control? NLP?

And to make it funny; are we allowed to make 'self-defence' if somebody tries to touch us (shoulders, hands, arms, face) just to tell us to buy something :bounce: :blackeye:

What is difference in touching somebody to hurt, or touching somebody to hurt his budget :alien:

Is that really body touch or they are touching our minds?

I just want to add that people can be made to buy expensive golds, diamonds, clothes, make-up, cars, stuff (that they don't need at all), and left without money for education of their kids, for life necessities and for gaining useful skills, having fan with family and creating experiences (others then debts).

Imagine if some people use mind controlling in selling stuff and then their colleagues come with loans (usually with interests) for the same people, to 'solve' their budget problems.

There are many people out there, who buy stuff that they do not need, and then go to debts. Maybe it is not their fault only. Maybe we need some kind of protection against greedy people. Just saying.

Anybody? Thanks!

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