How To Make A Screenshot On A Iphone

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How to make a screenshot on a Iphone Oct 25, 2012
Instead of borrowing another Iphone to make a pic of your own Iphone, you can press the big pushbutton below and the on/ff button on top of your Iphone, and voila, in your photoalbumapp (recognizable with a flower), you see the screenshot just made.

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Re: How to make a screenshot on a Iphone Oct 25, 2012
I can't wait to get another iphone. On my last upgrade I was talked into swopping my iphone for a Samsung Galaxy and I don't like it that much. I don't like the way it handles my music at all. It does have a good camera though and it is lighter than the iphone.

I just tried to take a screen shot like you descibed for the iphone and it doesn't do it with a Galaxy.

Beth often takes screenshots of her Blackberry and sends them to her friends. She calls it her screen muncher and it makes a noise like a monster taking a bite out of her phone.

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