Coronavirus Seeking A Flat In UAE

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Coronavirus seeking a flat in UAE Mar 05, 2020

What IF some family who came to UAE with virus goes around seeking a flat from one skyscraper to another.... All they want is a home...or maybe not. All what they want is to spread the virus!?

What shall security guards do? Give keys to anyone who comes to see flats and let them walk from one floor to use elevators... ???

I really think that we are not ready for anything! Anyone can send their people as weapon against UAE. There shall be more security then this. And one place where people can go and ask for free flats in areas they are interested to live. And of course they shall be checked who are they, from where they came and when....

Keeping children away from school but allowing strangers to enter elevators with families will not help us a lot.

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Re: Coronavirus Seeking A Flat In UAE Mar 17, 2020
Security guards should have infrared thermometers and check everyone. :)

If these strangers don't get in direct contact with people they are not that dangerous.
People should wash hands often. The virus does not simply fly from the infected person - he has to sneeze or cough and even then the droplets are heavy enough that they fall fast to the ground.
Washing hands and having a mask when getting outside is important now.
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Re: Coronavirus Seeking A Flat In UAE Mar 18, 2020
Well, our guard was very responsible and didn't let people enter elevator with us, also cleaned elevators and desk and keys they touched.
Those people who searched for a flat were suspicious to me because they were from Iran, and only young woman had a mask and her parents didn't have. And they run after us to elevator, but guard stoped them. Old woman had brand new chador, which tells me it is used for traveling or for special occasions. Searching a flat is not a special occasion to wear brand new chador with embroidered flowers (at least not for me). So I thought they might just have come from Iran and what if they have a virus and can spread it across all towers, where they are looking for a flat.

So I was warning public of that possibility and probably Municipalities told guards to take care and to be careful and stand away from newcomers.

I didn't mean anything bad but to rise awareness.

In my country one guy with corona entered hospital free walking from department to department, and taking all tests in different the end he said he was in Italy and they tested him and he is positive on corona virus and now whole hospital is in quarantine because of one idiot. And that hospital can't accept any sick people anymore for 2 weeks at least.

Some people are simply not thinking on others.
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