Complaint Against Etisalat For Their Mistake And Ignorance

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Complaint against Etisalat for their mistake and ignorance Apr 02, 2016
Dear All,

I am seeking any possible way to come out of my issue. I am sorry to make this post long, but I couldn’t help as it is required to explain our current situation.

Around 3 months back some criminals used our company name with forged documents (forged Trade License, forged Bank Statements) to register in Etisalat and take SIM cards for their criminal use. We did come to know this when invoices of these SIM cards were sent to our office. We promptly complained to Etialat and Dubai Police. Etisalat complaint reference numbers then were 14960942 and 14960982. We did present proof with original documents of the company and did long communication with Etisalat (verbally and through email). Finally we could convince that documents used to register the company by criminals were forged and it was a mistake by Etisalat that agents failed to verify the documents before registration. We were also told that the SIM cards taken by the criminals were cancelled and then-outstanding of around AED 300.00 would be cleared. We also filled service cessation forms for these SIM cards as per advice from Etisalat. We don’t know how criminals got hold of copies of our legal documents. We’re sure that none of the original legal documents went out from our office. As a business requirement we had to send copies of these documents to client for the sake of pre-registering ourselves as vendor of certain services. We assume criminals must have got hold of these copies from one of the client.

Recently we moved our office to a location where only Etisalat can give connectivity (I still wonder why only Etisalat!) and approached Etisalat for new connection. We got surprised to know that Etisalat didn't cancel those SIM cards under our company name taken by criminals. Also the outstanding amount has gone up so high that total became AED 24,000.00. Etisalat didn't care that these SIM cards are being used by criminals effectively allowing crimes to thrive. We also came to know that our company name is blacklisted and we are told that we need to raise complaint again. Though we wonder why we have to do it and run behind it again, we did raise complaint. New complaint reference number is 16148096. We tried explaining history in Etisalat Business Centres, but those agents were like they don't want to know history and it is not their problem. We have been following up with Etisalat with this new complaint reference and no matter what we say, they just seem to be ignoring this issue leaving us stranded. We’re now forced to move our business location to somewhere, where Du can give us connectivity. But that will cost us lot of money again.

When we went to Police Station to check the status of our complaint, we were given a reference number. We also submitted this reference to Etisalat. Now every time we ask Etisalat for status, they only have one automated answer "Our fraud analysis team is investigating the situation. Sorry for delay. blah... blah... blah". This issue has been going on for the last 6 months and still Etisalat is yawning in front of it.

In short, we are suffering because of stupid mistakes by Etisalat agents and their complete ignorance (even after identifying their own mistake) being only service provider. We can't go to Du since Du is not allowed to provide service in our new office location and we're not getting any help so far from Etisalat to sort out the issue. If any experts in such situation are here, please advise. We need a solution. We already raised a complaint in TRA against Etisalat and they are also looking into this.


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