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Advice required on working in Dubai May 23, 2005
Hi Folks, I have recently been offered a job with a major hotel chain in Dubai, within the security field.

The perks are the usual, accomodation, medical, food and bev allowance.

I will be requesting a salary of approx 26000aed a month, is this sufficient?

what is the average price of a 4 x 4 second hand?

what are the fuel costs?

Is housing expensive, I will be working close to the Madinat Jumeirah I think.

what is the approximate monthly water and electricity bills?

what is an average monthly shopping bill?

what is the work culture and labour relations culture like?

what are the corporate working hours/ is there much to do in your free time?

I will be a single male on my own, my wife and kids will initially remain where we are residing.

i come from a pretty crime riddled and violent countyry, what are the levels of safety like in Dubai.

many questions I know, but please assist where you can.

Please advise

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May 24, 2005
car prices change all the time. don't worry everyone finds something when they get here.

fuel isn't as expensive as other parts of the world so again no worries.

housing depends on what you want but you should be able to find something no problems near to work with your salary range. (maybe 5-6k per month)

water and electricity bills shouldnt be more then few hundred a month

monthly shopping bill depends what you buy.

you'll have no problems with the culture as dubai is increasingly becoming multi-cultural

working hours depends but usually 8 hours a day and lunch break. you would get either thursday and friday off or friday and saturday off.

compared to where you come from you'll find this place the safest on earth.


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Security job Aug 21, 2005
How did you apply for the security position. I have been looking at this for some time. Any suggestions..

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