This GCC Region - What STANDARDS ????????????

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This GCC region - what STANDARDS ???????????? Nov 09, 2009
I can honestly say this region is a cataclysmic nightmare from the Infrastructure perspective and even simplifying from the view point of owning and maintaining a car, building, biz computer infrastructure or network or air-conditioning system.

WHY WHY WHY rest on cheap labor from subcontinent countries - unskilled idiots....

Not to mentioned 90% of the goods shipped here are factory seconds, hence the high failure rate of goods and equipment over here ... what a F*******king mess.

300 million dhs in surplus cash in the UAE and they can't or won't address these problems , I wonder what standard of concrete went into the worlds tallest building , how safe is this structure ???? one more solid earth tremor / quake from Iran .....

Iran is across the water with a Nuke Pwr station, if the US of A strikes this area, Dubai will glow for 1000yrs ..... in perspective ... its not such a glamorous location from a civilians perspective with such a grave underlying issue. Yes yes , many countries have Nuke Pwr stations, but how many have impending USA strikes hanging over their heads....

For all the glitz n glamor I must say sheeezzz WOW , open ur eyes and see what a mess this region has generated with oil money .... big is not better, the USA has proved that ... having fancy cars means squat as they are not even serviced properly or safely and are death traps at high speed. ( how many of you know what goes on with your car when u drop it in for service ??? )

You cant get a building built to any western standard and its deteriorating B4 completion date. CHEAP LABOR is not a foundation to build a country .... that's a given. Nor is cheap building materials !!!!

So really is this area the laughing stock of the western world .....

GCC websites that are dickie, PABX systems that are non-existent, emails that bounce when send to fortune 500 companies in this region... people who don't know how to answer phones... or drive for that matter..... how can this region be very advanced >???? on what standard .. their own ????

W T F ?????

Its not what u have , but how you use it , how you conduct intimate aspects of your societies structure and maintain laws and standards that raise the general standard of infrastructure within your brave new world.

Greasing the palms to get what you want is indicative of blindsiding real issues that DO NOT GO AWAY ONLY BECOME COMPOUNDED TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN.

So the west takes the $ but really gives very little and the East think they are getting but really receive very poor levels of services and goods in return.... weak trade .... gluts of poor quality goods , a none discerning buyers market and no standards of quality control or safety testing for goods being imported..... what a demise.

No 1 has the balls to take charge of this matter , so its swept under a Persian carpet ..... I bet that sweeping is a daily occurrence and the pile gets bigger daily , like the rubbish pile near the cement factory.....

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