Poor Performance Of The Split A/c Unit

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poor performance of the split a/c unit May 09, 2005
With ref. to the invoice no. 0106-02-388, dated 01/11/2001 and having purchased a split A/C unit from LG Electronics distributors Al Yousuf Electronics, Dubai, at a cash price of Dhs.5355 including the installation charges, in good faith, We wish to express Our utmost dissatisfaction at the performance and a deep regret on the purchase of their esteemed product. It’s been a total wastage of our money on their product and a mentally and physically exhausting experience in last three and half years.

After, the initial, six months, the unit has been giving problems and discomfort at regular intervals with water dripping, tripping, lack of cooling in summer months, servicing unit more often then required, and breakdown of three compressors including the original in last one year with the second being replaced on 30th august, 2004 within 4 months of first replacement, and now the second replaced compressor has broken on 4th May, 2005,after eight months of minimum usage, which makes it a total of three compressors breaking down within a span of three and half years of the total usage of the a/c unit. We, minimize the use of the a/c unit with regular breaks of an hour or more every 4-5 hours of usage with the temperatures set on 23-24 C. In wintertime, the usage of the unit was at its minimum levels. The unit has been serviced at regular intervals with their recommended technicians and was last serviced on 14th March, 2005. It’s really ridiculous that three compressors have broken down within a span of three and half years.The comapny replaced the compressors but all the installation charges were paid by us.

This has seriously affected the proper functioning of computers and the goodwill of our business in general with the customers shying away from entering our premises. Even during the first free service, their technical team visited our premises after a month in spite of repeated calling. The expenses and time involved in regular servicing and repairs have come on par with a new unit.

I look forward to a final resolution to my problem, and will wait for a satisfactory compensation before seeking help from a consumer protection agency and other sources.
All this while Life’s Bad not Good with LG.

Yours truly,
Harish Ramesh
050 6730154

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