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Legal Problems/Cases/Bans/Blacklisting May 08, 2016
Hello Dubai Forums,

After filtering through the posts, I can see that a lot of people are in need of legal advice and are subject to pleading guilty not necessarily through the fault of their own.

Being unable to defend ones case often leads to bans black listing, However whats more important to know is that a legal case in the UAE may not always mean that the accused will only face charges in the UAE rather also in the GCC countries and many countries in the world are in alliance which can bring unexpected trouble at any time.

Legal Consultancy for all types of cases, offered at its integral best.

Civil Cases
Criminal Cases
Debt Collection
Immigration Bans/Blacklisted
And Several Others.

Don't be a victim when you can fight back, Know your rights and we will put our best efforts to resolve your issues. If you find your self troubled with legal issues please get in touch with us on the details provided below.

We are one of the most influential law firms in the country with unmatched track record in providing justice and superior service to our customers. 

Telephone: +971554520180

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