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Enquiry Apr 13, 2010
my company had filed a case and i was sentenced however it's been 1 month now that they do not want to release my passport. as according to them there is still a case as i did not pay them back. my last letter to them is that it is not legal to kept the passport and if they can release it immediately. can you please tell me if i can file a case against them in order to get my passport and what will be the first step of in which court i can file the case. how much it will cost as i do not have any money to pay any expenses. please advice, thank you.

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Re: Enquiry Jan 06, 2016
bank loan i have in uae
now i am going to qatar on employment visa

i have loan balence
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Re: Enquiry Jan 07, 2016
respectfully sir, for my case i m leaving in Dubai overstay company already closed now i have a exit or entry certificate (Residence) from Dubai immigration and travel Document from consulate with ticket .I don't want to come back Dubai i dont have money to pay fine if i will go Al Aweer immigration they will stop me or send me back my country
which documents i will bring there please advice me thanks

--- Jan 07, 2016 ---

sir how can i contact you or meet personally thanks
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Re: Enquiry Jan 13, 2016
skyflower ,pls contact me on abadiindxb@gmail.com
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Re: Enquiry May 08, 2016
Dear All,

For any kind of legal issues and Immigration issues like ban, black list, absconding, travel ban , please do contact us.

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