Mitsubishi Eclipse Scrap , Scrap ,parts

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my price will be 24 000

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Mitsubishi Eclipse scrap , scrap ,parts Feb 14, 2008

Mitsubishi Eclipse scrap

This is a complete car that with some cash can run
Its not canceled by the authorities, its problem is the wiring
As its original was burned .
< I tried to fix it but there is no good electrician to fix the harness
Still every thing is their ……….
Turbo motor excellent condition
Manual gear with manual ECU
Complete suspension
Body in good condition except from one side { at the back}
Front headlight both
Rear bumper
Interior all their
17 inch rims with v. good condition tiers { 235\45\17 }

But some parts I sold out., or not in a good shape :
-front bumper {available but in a bad shape}
-clutch system {sold}
- Side skirts {partially damaged}
-rear right left light {partially damaged}
-right door Handel from out side {damaged }
0506673892 call or send me for photos

If interested call me for more info or if you are searching for special thing

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